Updated priority points lists to include Summer 2016

Read article 14.04, 14.09 and 14.14.

If you taught in the Summer, priority points lists must have been updated by now to include your Summer 2016 points. Please verify the lists on your hiring unit’s website and ensure the accuracy of the following items:

  • priority points that you accumulated during Summer 2016 term
  • cumulative priority points
  • list of courses that you taught in Summer 2016
  • list of courses for which you are deemed to have met the TQRs

In case of errors in the priority points list, please follow the instructions provided in Article 14.14 of the Collective Agreement. You have only 15 days, after the posting of the list, to do so.

In order to maintain and accumulate priority points during sick leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, social leave, maternity leave and parental leave, you must apply and obtain courses as usual, (see Article 14.12).