TQRs – Teaching Qualification Requirements

Please verify the TQRs for the courses that you teach or were planning to apply to teach in future immediately. If you notice the TQRs have been modified, please contact your Hiring Unit without delay.

In accordance with article 13.01, to be eligible for the allocation of a course, a person must meet the teaching qualification requirements (TQRs).

About TQRs:

  • An employee who has already given a course at the University twice is deemed to meet the TQRs of that course (Article 13.02).
    TQRs are determined by the hiring unit for each course or group of courses (Article 13.03).
  • A modification to a course’s subject code, number, or title does not make you ineligible to teach that course if you have taught that course twice in the past (Article 13.10).
  • The first list of TQRs will be established by the hiring units by the end of October 2016 (Article 13.17).
  • The Priority Points List of a Hiring Unit shall include, among other things, courses for which the course lecturer is deemed to have met the TQRs (Article 14.04.f)).

What you need to do immediately:

  1. Verify your own list of courses for which you are deemed to have met the TQRs. This list can be found in the last column of the priority points list.
  2. Report any missing courses to your Hiring Unit. If you have taught a course twice any time in the past (it could be 20 years ago) please ensure that the course code and number for that particular course are listed in the last column of the priority points .list.
  3. As for a course for which there used to be TQRs, make sure in the new postings the TQRs are not changed or modified. As per article 13.18 of the Collective Agreement TQRs cannot be changed unilaterally for the courses that already had TQRs.
  4. Ensure that the TQRs are reasonable and are not greater than those required from a Regular Professor of the University who has given the same course. Once a TQR is challenged, the Employer shall assume the burden of proof (Article 13.06).