File a Complaint / Grievance

If you would like to voice a complaint, or file a grievance, or just express doubts about the way you have been treated as a course lecturer or instructor, please get in touch with your grievance officer.

Issues that can be considered for legal action may include a loss of contract for no grounds, a marked increase in class size, an increase in duties you are expected to perform in addition to teaching, a change in your job title, all depending on the context in which these changes occur. Bear in mind that a situation may be unfair to you, but there must also be legal grounds for the union to pursue it.

There are several challenges to the legal filing of a case, and the best way to ensure you can file is to protect your interests by systematically documenting your case and the objective events that occurred. Keep track of all your communications regarding your job situation, past and present. Because you have six months available within which to act and file an official complaint, it is important that you note the date when you discovered or perceived the violation in your case.

If you think that your rights are being violated, or if you’d like more information regarding your case, contact your grievance officer.