Maternity Leave Policy and Procedure

According to article 14.12 in the Collective Agreement, an employee maintains and accumulates priority points, in as much as the Employee has applied for and obtained one or more Course assignments, pursuant to article 15, as in the case of Leave under article 28.

Full applicable regulations are available in PDF format at this link.

Below are the main points.

According to the University’s regulations:


Upon a request from a pregnant staff member, the University shall grant the staff member an unpaid maternity leave of a maximum duration of 20 consecutive weeks.


  • Give written notice to her departmental chair,
  • Indicate the date the maternity leave is to begin and the date it will end. Provide medical certificate indicating the expected date of delivery.
  • Send the written notice at the earliest possible date before the beginning of the academic term in which the leave is to begin; however, it shall be sent not less than three (3) weeks before the maternity leave is to begin.

Scheduling of the Leave

  • Schedule the maternity leave as she wishes before or after the expected date of delivery; however, the earliest date the maternity leave may begin is sixteen (16) weeks prior to the expected date of delivery.

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