How to maintain your priority points

Among the courses that you have taught in the past two years, have any of them now been assigned to a grad student, an adjunct professor, a post-doctoral fellow or to a professional in the Fall 2016 semester?

If yes, please immediately inform the chair of your hiring unit that for the purposes of maintaining your priority points you be considered as if you have taught the course. As per article 15.03 last paragraph:

An Employee who has taught the same Course during the two preceding Academic Years and who is deprived of the opportunity to give this Course as a result of the application of the present article [15.03] shall maintain her priority points. The Employee so affected shall inform her Hiring Unit that she finds herself in this situation no later than 30 days following the beginning of the term.

Please note that even if you have already filed a grievance for the same course, you should still write to your Hiring Unit no later than October 14, 2016.