A Union To Be Respected

A union is essentially an instrument that employees give themselves to improve their working conditions and defend their interests. Individually, this is impossible. But collectively, in front of the employer, he or she can reach his/her goals.

The advantages of joining a union

On average, the hourly rate of a unionized worker is 24% higher than the rate for non-unionized workers. The hourly rate of a unionized person may be $10 higher in certain sectors.

There is evidence, for example, that union members earn better wages than people in identical positions in non-unionized businesses. We also know that the benefits of union members (insurance, pension plan, sick leave, etc.) are more numerous and protect them more.

The respect from the employer

A union allows employees to have respect from the employer. This advantage is all the more important because our work usually takes up a lot of our time. The number of people who organize to win this respect and dignity can become bigger.

To eliminate injustices, favoritism, discrimination; to remove the arbitrariness of the employer’s decisions in the allocation of promotions or vacancies, layoffs, dismissals, the choice of work schedules, vacation dates, etc. – these are reasons for which employees choose to join a union.