Rector of UdM, Dr. Guy Breton, with President Raad Jassim at the 40th anniversary celebration of SCCCUM.

President of SCCCUM, Pierre Verge (center), with President Raad Jassim and Tariq Nizami, MCLIU’s Budget Officer.

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Congratulations to Marwan Kanaan, recipient of the Principal’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching 2017-18.

Preparation for negotiation session, Oct. 2018
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President Raad Jassim and rector Denis Harrisson, Université du Québec en Outaouais, at Fneeq’s regroupement université.
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The MCLIU executive thanks our membership for all their support and special thanks to our Bargaining Committee!

The following Mobilization mandate was adopted unanimously on February 8, 2019:

Whereas, MCLIU has been in negotiation with the Employer since June 2018 and since only one article (15.03) has been discussed pertaining to courses reserved for McGill community members who are not on the priority points list such as Graduate Students;

Whereas, the Employer has not agreed to any substantial demand of the Union so far; and

Whereas, a new category of external hire “Course Practitioner” is being insisted on by the Employer;

BIRT the Union take all necessary measures required to mobilize its membership to take action for an equitable second collective agreement that provides job security and rights that are otherwise accorded to all course lecturers of Quebec Universities.

Message to McGill Management

The recent halt in negotiation is not the result of the Course Lecturers, it is rather the problem of Management which seems to:

  • Not understand the true value and importance the Course Lecturers at the University;
  • Not respect and commit to the Course Lecturers who devote their energy and effort to the institution;
  • Lack the long-term vision to conserve the essential accumulated skills of the Course Lecturers, who play an essential role in the success of the University;
  • Not sacrifice the value of Course Lecturers for trendy technology and online courses. There must be a balance.

We call on upper management to attend and impress upon their negotiating team to act in good faith, to appreciate fairness, transparency, and negotiate in a collaborative manner.

As Course Lecturers and Instructors of McGill, we are:

  • Loyal and part of the essential academic teaching staff of our great university McGill.
  • Fulfilling our role not only as educators to the future generations, but as educators with wholehearted dedication and passion, skillful and effective communication and with creative vision.
  • Contributing to McGill’s mission: “advancement of learning and the creation and dissemination of knowledge, by offering the best possible education, by carrying out research and scholarly activities judged to be excellent by the highest international standards, and by providing service to society.”
  • Proud of our achievements to give the best to our students and we do it with limited resources.
  • Committed to offer our services year after year to McGill because of our commitment to this institution

Course Posting and Application Procedure
(Article 15.04, 15.07, 16.01)

Day: 1-15 5 working days 15 working days Within 10 working days of
  Course Posting Application period continues Department to send contracts Employees to accept/reject contracts
Feb 1-Feb 15
(latest posting date)
Feb 16-Feb 22 Feb 23-Mar 15 Mar 16-Mar 29

Last day to post for Summer semester courses is February 1, 2019.

Please note that courses could be posted one semester in advance, e.g. The Fall postings may included courses in Winter. Apply to all the courses you are interested immediately when they are posted.

Request for recognition of TQRs

LIC-PTP time line

Updated Priority Points list and your Teaching Qualification Requirement (TQRs) – (Article 14.04 and 14.09)

What you need to do:

Go to your department’s website, verify that the priority points list has been updated in due time and your name appears with accurate information about your points and courses you are eligible to teach.

  • priority points that you accumulated during the Winter 2019 term
  • cumulative priority points
  • list of courses that you taught in Winter 2019
  • list of courses that you are qualified to teach (have TQRs – teaching qualification requirement – for)

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