President Raad Jassim and rector Denis Harrisson, Université du Québec en Outaouais, at Fneeq’s regroupement université.
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(September 6, 2018)

COCAL – Canadian Course Lecturers united.

Concluding conference at San Jose, US. Must read: Student evaluation arbitration.

Negotiation Update No 4

September-October 2018


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Information on

Simplified Pension Plan

Course posting links

The following information is listed to the best of our knowledge. Individual hiring units might change the way they post without advising the union or Human Resources.

Course posting and Application Procedure

Course Posting and Application Procedure
(Article 15.04, 15.07, 16.01)

Day: 1-15 5 working days 15 working days Within 10 working days of
  Course Posting Application period continues Department to send contracts Employees to accept/reject contracts
Oct 1-Oct 15
(latest posting date)
Oct 16-Oct 22 Oct 23-Nov 12 Oct 23-Nov 26

Last day to post for Winter semester courses is October 1, 2018.

Please note that courses could be posted one semester in advance, e.g. The Fall postings may included courses in Winter. Apply to all the courses you are interested immediately when they are posted.

LIC-PTP time line

Updated Priority Points list and your Teaching Qualification Requirement (TQRs) – (Article 14.04 and 14.09)

What you need to do:

Go to your department’s website, verify that the priority points list has been updated in due time and your name appears with accurate information about your points and courses you are eligible to teach.

  • priority points that you accumulated during the Winter 2018 term
  • cumulative priority points
  • list of courses that you taught in Winter 2018
  • list of courses that you are qualified to teach (have TQRs – teaching qualification requirement – for)

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