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Course Lecturers meeting with Advisory Committee for the search of the new Dean in School of Continuing Studies –

October 13, 2017

Photos from the 2017 summer get-together

MCLIU member won Best New Product Tech at Innovations Show 2017

Congratulations to George Dracopoulos – his co-founded start-up success in InfoComm, the biggest AV show in North America!

From George:
On June 16, 2017, we were named Best New Product Technology in the Innovations Showcase at the Orlando Convention Center judged by the 40,000 sound professionals attending the show. We were able not only to create buzz at our booth with all the installers and consultants but also to open major discussions with the biggest amplifier and speaker companies in the world of audio. In addition to the exposure and instant credibility we also have a free 10×20 booth at the show in Las Vegas next year. I was confident in our chances but I am so proud that we were able to communicate the message and win over the industry.

Spring Convocation 2017

Course Lecturers: Raad Jassim, Garrfield Du Couturier-Nichol, Ken Matziorinis.

Ken Matziorinis (Course Lecturer), Graduate, Raad Jassim (Course Lecturer).

Course Lecturer Bohdanna Novak (right), in Music, with a new graduate.

Course Lecturer Helle-Mai Lenk, recipient of this year’s Distinguished Teaching Award, with a few other lecturers.

Senneville elected VP of CSN

Caroline Senneville, Fneeq’s president, has been elected as first VP of CSN at the 65th Congress. Congratulations from MCLIU!

L’égalité sans limites

The CSN theme for Womens Day, March 8, 2017 is L’égalité sans limites (Equality without limits).

L’égalité pour les femmes n’est pas chose acquise. L’impact sexiste des mesures d’austérité dont les coupes dans les services publics, les multiples violences contre les femmes et notamment les femmes autochtones, l’inéquité salariale pour de nombreuses femmes, la privatisation des services de garde éducatifs, la discrimination systémique en emploi qui perdure pour toutes les femmes et en particulier pour celles qui sont racisées ou en situation de handicap, le mythe de l’égalité déjà-là : la liste des barrières qui s’érigent devant les femmes semble s’allonger à l’infini. N’oublions pas que la force du mouvement féministe réside dans sa capacité de lutter pour que disparaissent toutes les barrières qui nous freinent. Notre objectif : l’égalité sans limites… d’où le signe de l’infini en forme de 8.

Les mots à l’intérieur du 8 nous rappellent que les féministes se mobilisent partout au Québec pour revendiquer une véritable égalité entre les femmes et les hommes, entre les femmes elles-mêmes et entre les peuples. Les valeurs portées par le mouvement féministe rompent le cercle des inégalités. Elles ouvrent sur un monde d’égalité et de justice sans limites pour toutes!

Happy Holidays 2016

Photos from Conseil Fédéral, Fneeq, CSN in Quebec City (December 7-9, 2016)

A walk on the Parliament

A show of support to the hotel workers on strike.

A letter to Vice Principal Yalofsky

MCLIU support of AMUSE’s demands:
president Raad Jassim at AMUSE’s picket line.

A letter to Vice-Principal Yalofsky (Administration & Finance), Provost Manfredi, and Vice-Principal Mme Gervais (HR)

We, the undersigned member associations of the McGill Communities Council, stand in solidarity with AMUSE in their collective bargaining negotiations with McGill University. We urge the administration to conclude an agreement with AMUSE in an equitable manner consistent with their demands. We in MCC are committed to fairness and transparency. Therefore, we support the union’s efforts to achieve a living wage and to receive respect in line with their immense contributions to the university.

Furthermore, we are concerned to see McGill Human Resources aligned so closely with the senior management, when they have a responsibility to all university employees, casual or not, as the staff whom they oversee. With mutual cooperation, we can move towards a more respectful and productive relationship for all parties involved.


Creation of Quebec Council of Universities

8 points of consensus to prevent a good idea turning into a horror story

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