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Negotiation update No. 5, Oct. 29, 2018

Discussions are continuing but progressing very slowly. One of the reasons is that the Employer is having problems identifying and demonstrating their real needs with respect to the reserve clause (courses reserved for McGill community members that are not on the priority points list).

Notwithstanding, the Union is open to resolutions that take into account the well-being of the MCLIU membership without decreasing the number of courses available to them.

Bargaining will continue twice a week through December.

Fneeq’s Regroupement Université 2018 September at UQO

Negotiation update No 4, Oct 15, 2018

MCLIU (Course Lecturers/Instructors) with the Employer

The parties met on Sept. 12, 14, October 3 and 10. The parties continued discussing the clause on the allocation of courses.

On Sept. 12, the employer explained in detail the need to have courses available to graduate students. The union indicated that it supports this objective and the parties will continue to look for solutions to achieve this while considering their respective interests.

As agreed by the parties on Sept. 14, the employer presented a working document that reiterated the objectives of the two parties and suggested possible solutions.

On Oct. 3, the union presented data based on employer’s number of courses reporting as per article 15.03, illustrating its viewpoint on how the employer has been using posting exemptions.

It is fair to say MCLIU and the employer’s bargaining positions are far apart.

Some of the key issues according to MCLIU are:

  • Fewer courses for Course Lecturers
  • Increased hiring from outside McGill
  • Course allocation not following seniority/Priority Points
  • Teaching qualification requirements (TQRs) are not followed according to the collective agreement
  • The representatives of the academic units’ main concerns are to offer more reserve courses to PhD students, however other Hiring Units prefer to offer them to Professionals from outside the university. The latter is misinterpretation of the Collective agreement.

… and neither party has deposited its respective monetary proposal.

Each party continues to maintain its position; therefore, further discussions will be needed in order to arrive at an agreement on this topic. The next meeting will be held on Oct. 19.

Negotiations for our Union second Collective Agreement began in June 2018 and we have meetings with the employer, scheduled twice a week (if possible) throughout the fall term.

Our bargaining team: Chair of the Bargaining Committee Nick Papatheodorakos (Faculty of Management), Natasha Roy (School of Continuing Studies), Garrfield Du Courturier-Nichol (School of Continuing Studies, Raad Jassim (MCLIU President) and Fneeq-CSN advisor, Daniel Carrier

We will keep you updated regularly on developments.